live and breathe - lyrics

live and breathe
is there any truth to this?
it remains to be seen
came with high spirits and
left without a dream
you're trying to catch something
when you already lost the race
well, i know just how your
moods are spaced
baby, you're battling
when you should understand
taking it back when you should
hold out your hand
travel like a moonbeam and
travel like a moonbeam and
wander near the stars
but wherever you go
there you are

and of all nights
this night was real
let go of distraction
remembered how to feel
of all nights
on this we believe
we need each other
to live and breathe...
oh to live and breathe

of all the nights,
this night was true
you know i finally found a way
to get through to you
glad you could find some time
to disappear without a trace
and come inside
my hiding place

guess we forgot
what it's like to breathe
and fill our lungs
to their capacity
when you're suffocating
in that stale air
remember this night,
remember that i'm near

(cool sax part)
chorus (twice)

watch you rise
don't do that
best of me
jack of all

song information:
all lyrics & melody by l. couto
all songs produced by j. wright arrangement by 'most people'

g -- written 'most people'
[ -- written by l. couto, j.wright & c. barry

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